While we're only at the ass-end of our 100 Hottest Women of 2014, but it's a very well-rounded one! Just to hint at what's coming next, we've got a Hobbit (South Park joke), a girl from next door who'd like to watch 24/7 and a mean girl who can grab the machete.

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    Kim Kardashian

    Last year, Kim Kardashian weighed in at No. 100 on our list of 100 Hottest Women. And while she has both gained and lost weight recently, her relationship with the egotistical Kanye West helped cement her stardom as a celebrity. But you're not a true, viable part of pop culture until 'South Park' has an entire episode making fun of you. Regardless of what you may think about this shallow couple, there's a reason why copies of that Ray J tape are still widespread throughout the internet.


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    Jordan Carver

    There are two big reasons why Jordan Carver has moved up 14 spots on our list of the 100 Hottest Woman since last year. Ms. Carver has been the focus of a lot attention since Bild magazine exposed details of her personal life and cosmetic surgeries. Nevertheless, this German glamour goddess has recently moved to California in order to pursue a career in modelling and television. Thank goodness she's such a yoga guru so she can focus alleviating all those back problems she must have.


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    Soya Suicide

    Last year, the SuicideGirl known as Soya ranked in at 97 out of the 100 Hottest Women. We're glad to see she's moving forward. And much of this can be attributed for her smoking petite body and memorizing ink (in special places). Ironically, Soya is a vegan, hinting that she probably consumes soy regularly. We sure wish we could.

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    Olivia Munn

    The interesting thing about Olivia Munn's ranking on the Hottest Women of 2014 is that she was next to Soya Suicide last year as well (each ranked in the 90s). Olivia broke our hearts when she left 'Attack of the Show!' Fortunately, she made amends when she grew up from being a reporting goddess of geekdom to being a viable actress. Even better was her decision to finally show some skin and do a topless scene in the feature film, 'Magic Mike'.

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    Jamie Chung

    We are so glad that someone was able to dethrone WWE wrestler The Miz as being the most successful cast member out of MTV's 'The Real World' alumni. Jamie Chung has moved on from being stuck in a house with strangers to the likes of 'The Man with the Iron Fists' and being a series regular on 'Once Upon a Time'. Unfortunately, Jamie's career will always be stained due to her portrayal of Chi Chi in 'Dragonball Evolution'. But Jamie will definitely be making amends when we see her appear in 'Sin City: A Damn to Kill for'.

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    Kristen Bell

    Gamers might recognize Kristen Bell as face and voice of Lucy Stillman in the 'Assassin's Creed' series. And most others will remember Kristen as Sarah Marshall. Ms. Bell's most recent work is being the voice of Princess Anna in 'Frozen' and regularly starring as Jeanne van der Hooven on 'House of Lies'. Good news for all you 'Veronica Mars' series fans out there, Kristen is reprising her lead role in the upcoming 'Veronica Mars' feature film (think 'Firefly' and 'Serenity').

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    Wendy Fiore

    Wendy Fiore's massive mammories outweighed one fourth of our 100 Hottest Women of 2014 and helped her earn her spot. Judging by how heavy those are, we can honestly say that she seems like a very down-to-Earth type of girl, especially when she's not wearing a bra. Wendy might be from the Windy City, but it doesn't matter how how strong the gusts and blowing are when you've got a mountainous landscape like that.


  • 73

    Lindsay Lohan

    Oh Lindsay, it sure has been one hell of a roller coaster, has it not? Lindsay Lohan is pretty much the reason why rehab clinics should start investing in revolving doors. We know the routine, get a DUI, go to rehab; we get it Lindsay. But the best part, is that Lindsay has been doing more and more nude scenes and photo shoots. Her last film was 'The Canyons', and while we don't remember its plot, we do remember the canyons... that Lindsay showed off in her glorious shower scene.


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    Elisha Cuthbert

    Remember when we would associate Jack Bauer from '24' to being that guy with the extremely hot daughter. Well, we can thank Elisha Cuthbert for that. We have seen Elisha grow from being daddy's little girl to being 'The Girl Next Door' and eventually 'My Sassy Girl'. Recently, ABC has cancelled 'Happy Endings', the ensemble comedy Ms. Cuthbert was a regular on. But alas, life continues. At least we're not going to elaborate on what kind of happy ending we first thought of when saw her name on the cast list.

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    Sarah Hyland

    There's something about Sarah Hyland that just makes her seem quite young, despite being 23 years old. It almost feels odd putting her with all the other Hottest Women of 2014. We're guessing it's just her small frame and youthful face. But she is still quite fine. Hyland seems like a young Mila Kunis with Mila's foxiness traded for a much more innocent look. From her current success on the series 'Modern Family', we can expect some big things arising for Ms. Hyland.