With age comes wisdom, so you could say this lady is Bud-weiser than you.

Mille Bowers will turn 103 later this month and part of her daily regiment for making it this far is having a beer. Yes, sir, she downs a beer each day at 4 p.m. at the assisted living facility in Mount Pleasant, S.C. she calls home. It's her own personal happy hour, although, to be honest, any hour you're still kicking at that age is a happy hour.

As Millie succinctly puts it, "Have a beer, doctor's orders."

The notion of guzzling some noble hops came after talking to some nurses, who presented the idea to her doctor, who was as onboard with it as a college kid is with nickel beer night.

Bowers celebrated her upcoming birthday with lunch at a local restaurant, where, yes, she did imbibe, as well as take her very first selfie. That bucket list of hers sounds like its dwindling quicker than her 4:00 beer.