Get yourself some popcorn and an ice cold drink and settle in for something you don't see everyday.

Some horrendous driver spent 12 minutes parking his car in a lot. The "driver" -- we use that term loosely -- had the misfortune of someone capturing the entire escapade on camera (beware the NSFW language).

The motorist struggles to get into the spot, but appears to finally squeeze in when he decides to do a better job, which leads to several more minutes of entertainment.

The driver seems to have his heart set on this exact space, but, around the 5:00 mark, appears to realize maybe he's not destined for this spot and drives around the lot again only to come to the realization that this space is indeed his white whale when he begins trying to back in, which creates a new chance for him to fail.

When that doesn't work, he still doesn't give up, which is bad because you'd have to think he might run out of gas soon and the poor guys recording all this may wind up using all of the data on their phones.

He never gives up and makes a play for any of the other available spots, of which there are plenty that would not take the kind of time commitment he seems to be so accepting of when it comes to putting his vehicle between two marked white lines.

Eventually, he makes it into the space, and, considering it's still light out, you'd have to consider it a win.

This was a truly disastrous attempt, but, hey, it could've been worse, right? He could've tried parallel parking. We don't think there would be enough time in the day for him to figure that out.