Jon Calvo's lifelong dream has been simple: He's always wanted to be fit. Like many, he's tried and failed at losing weight dozens of times, and has struggled with his weight since the early age of 7.

In his life, he's faced a lot of hateful comments and ridicule, including people who called him " The fattest person they have ever seen." This might have discouraged some people, but not Jon.

In April 2010 Jon was at his heaviest: 5'5" and 340 pounds. It was then that he decided to make a change and "dedicated his entire being to achieving his dream." He has now lost over 175 pounds, and he's psyched about life. We've seen a lot of weight loss transformation videos, and while they're all pretty impressive, this one takes the cake, because dude says:

"That boy who quit time and time again grew up to be the man who never gave up. I don't just have willpower, I AM WILL POWER, and I'm proud to say there's nothing in this world that can stop me."

165 pound weight loss video

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