We all need to earn a living so we can pay those pesky things called bills, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold jobs that help our social lives, too.

In fact, there are several jobs where meeting women is an even bigger perk than getting a paycheck with four numbers to the left of the decimal point. Here are some of the best jobs to meet single women.

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    File this under “no-brainer.” Whether it’s a fun night tossing back cosmos with some gal pals or a work party, the opportunity to find available women in a watering hole is a well-documented phenomenon — one which is responsible for a good chunk of the liquor industry’s success. Bars are loaded with available women, so it’s quite easy for a man tending bar to strike up a conversation that goes well beyond the typical, “Whaddaya having?”

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    Shoe Salesman

    We’re not talking getting dressed as one of the NFL replacement refs who work at Foot Locker. We’re talking Al Bundy-get-on-your-knees-to-fit-women-for-some-hot-pumps. Women love them some shoes, that’s for sure. And while most (straight) men can’t distinguish Kate Spade from David Spade, brushing up on the trends may be a good idea because you are bound to meet a gaggle of eligible bachelorettes as they look for the most stylish high heels on the market to stomp all over your heart.

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    Personal Trainer

    Go to any gym and you’re bound to see women rocking the treadmill in an attempt to keep their figures svelte. A trainer is the buff person who can help sculpt them into the goddess-like shape they dream about while sneaking in some Ben & Jerry’s before bed. Women may hate trainers for making them do crunches until their eyes pop out, but trainers can win some serious points by being supportive. It’s almost like being in the dreaded friend zone, but with the bonus of having a chiseled body that makes women fantasize about being friends with benefits.

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    Hey, everybody has to get a checkup, right? And it is scientific law that all women dream about dating a doctor, so you don’t need to be pre-med to know the odds are heavily stacked in your favor if you go into this field. Heck, even an ear, nose and throat guy is considered a catch and a good chunk of his business revolves around mucus. So, throw on your white lab coat, tell the ladies you’re a resident and watch them flock to you like prescription pads to a pharmacy.

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    It’s no secret that women love a man in uniform and as long as that uniform doesn’t have the Mickey D’s logo on it, they are powerless against it. Cops and firefighters are tough authority figures who often come to the aid of those in peril or distress, qualities that ratchet them up the attractive scale to levels only Channing Tatum is currently able to attain. What woman doesn’t find that irresistible? Seriously – we’d like to meet her.

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