Shaving. All men have to shave and most are adults about the process. They have the scissors, the razor and the shaving creams and they get it done. But, just like everything else, there's been a sad, creepy effort to make shaving more expensive by convincing you there's crap you need to use to get "the perfect shave." We understand people with skin conditions using this stuff, but it's not marketed to them. It's marketed to the rest of us.

Here are six of the worst shaving products designed for the "modern shaver."

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    Pre-Shave Oil

    From the product description: "Aromatherapy-based, scented with 100% pure essential oils selected for their therapeutic skin properties." A quick translation: chock full of hippie crap that doesn't do anything, but sounds good. Hey, you're not eating this stuff, so the FDA doesn't have to care what we do! Cost: $14 for two ounces. You know what you should apply before you shave? Water and soap.

  • The Art of Shaving
    The Art of Shaving

    Power Shave Power Brush

    A shaving brush that vibrates. Allegedly it works more lather into your beard and skin. If that's true, people with shaky hands must get great shaves. It will only cost $175.


    The Goatee Shield

    If you've got a goatee, just slap this bad boy over top, and you don't have to worry about uneven shaves. Now all you've got to worry about is the fact you've got a goatee on your face.

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    Shave Mobile

    You can't leave home without your cell phone. In fact, your cell phone does almost everything for you, right? How would you feel if your phone was also your electric razor? Yes, there are some advantages to this product (like shaving in traffic), but overall--this is a bad idea. Of course this product was manufactured in China (home of the multi-taskers), but we bet they never thought of the unfortunate Twitter pics that would occur during "downtown" grooming.

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    Hot Lather Machine

    If you'd like to shave your face like it's 1923, you'll really love one of these babies. For just $270, you can have your very own hot lather machine. Pretty darn affordable. Of course, you need to buy special soap and use distilled water and according to the reviews; it clogs, there are cracks in the plastic, and it's not a very reliable machine. Hey, how about instead of blowing $270 you just microwave some shaving cream?

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    Hand Crafted Marble Shave Set

    Want to shave like a rich guy with no concept of money? This shaving set just $99.99 and includes a custom razor with gold handle, a marble & gold shaving stand, a marble badger-hair shaving brush, a marble shaving bowl and shaving soap. Would make a great gift for anyone who hates badgers or men that brag about their shaving accessories.

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