As we grow older with our significant others, it’s inevitable that there will occasionally be slumps in our sex lives. This is natural. However, the way of how — or if — we go about getting over those slumps is what’s important. The truth is that the two of you are in a relationship to enjoy one another, and part of that is sexuality. And it is true that while sex is not the entire relationship, it is a significant part.

Sex is supposed to be fun, no matter how many years you’ve been together. It’s supposed to be creative and freeing, a source of excitement for the two of you.

The sad reality is that some couples become more and more content with the idea of having a mundane sex life and just all around bad sex. So what do you do when you find that happening to you? Well, change it! But before you do let’s check out some classic ‘tells’ to decide if you are heading that way, or God forbid, even worse, if you’re already there.

Your Sex Becomes Routine


This is one of the biggest issues with couples as the years progress. What starts off as exciting can sometimes veer into the realm of just plain boring. At first, the thrill of finding something your lover enjoys is exhilarating. You discover that toy, that finger, that rub; then you do it, and thus continue to do so… and only that. After a while, it’s just boring. They yen for something new.

Climaxing Seems Less Important Than Watching Television


This is pretty much saying that you know your sex life is boring, so why even attempt to resolve the issue? “Honey, ‘Dancing with The Stars’ is on tonight. Let’s do it tomorrow.” You poor thing… being shafted by Tom Bergeron. That guy?! Yep, that guy. The need for that orgasm feigns as your want and need for network reality television and live sports increases. Oh boy, that’s not good.

Getting ‘Dolled Up’ Means Tossing On A Long, Wrinkly T-Shirt


When we first start having sex with our partner, it’s such an exciting time. Everything is well put together, clean and smells oh, so fresh. At one time ‘getting ready’ for sex meant making sure everything was in the correct alignment and position. But now? ‘Getting ready’ turns into the idea of merely taking your pants off and ‘getting it over with.’ What a horrible saying! Surely there are times when quickies are a necessity, but every time? Not good folks!

Pubic Trimming Is Not A Necessity


It’s not the ‘70s anymore people. Some guys may like the natural look, but many don’t. And don’t worry ladies; I’m getting to the men. Yes, the same does go for you, gentlemen. Trim up; smooth some stuff out. Make your guys look appealing. You need to make an attempt to give your lover pleasure at the mere sight of you. Let’s face it; most men are not good in bed. Therefore, at least we can attempt to look good and stimulate our partner’s mind into thinking they’re about to get the best three minutes of their life.

You Don’t Enjoy Having Sex with Your Partner


This is a good tell. Scratch that; this is a fantastic tell. If you’re just downright not attracted to your partner at all, you will definitely need a boost in your sex life… as in new partners. It’s sad but true. It does happen. People grow apart physically. However, if you feel you can push forward, then don’t jump to conclusions and break it off just yet. Perhaps there’s a way to salvage the physical relationship between you two. Join a gym? Start spicing up the bedroom? Something will work if you want it to.

Masturbation Seems More Fun


The idea of ‘Well, I’ll just masturbate later,’ is not a good one to have when a lover is sitting right next to you in bed. We’re not denying that self-pleasuring is a great experience. Trust us; it is. Seriously. But doing it all the time alone? That can get rather mundane, no? The only thing better than having sex with yourself is having it with another person… and if you’re in a relationship you’ve got it! So start it up.

You Need Porn To Get Excited


It’s a growing issue today. Porn is everywhere, and we all know how to get it, not that it’s that difficult. Anyone with an Internet connection is aware of the necessary steps. However, despite the fact that it’s easily accessible, that should not make it our go-to source for erotic excitement. It should be with other people… partners, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers… what ever you want to call them. Shut down Safari and turn on that sex drive! Life is short. You’re not dead right? Of course you’re not. You’re reading this.

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