It’s the age-old question regarding relationships: How do you keep the sex exciting?

The answer tends to differ per couple, but surely if you put in the effort you will find something that satisfies you both, something that will aid in maintaining the thrilling sex-life you so dearly desire. Copulation doesn’t have to be all missionary all the time. It’s time to throw those inhibitions aside and open your minds and bodies [literally] to the possibility of exciting sex.

Here’s a list of nine sex acts that we feel every couple should at least consider adding to the sex arsenals.


Go out and buy your lady a bodystocking, a teddy, some lingerie, a baby doll, multiple costumes or even a corset. Everyone loves Halloween, no? Well how about a dirty, naughty Halloween just between the two of you? Minus the bucket of Almond Joys. It’s even better, we assure you. Have you ever noticed that on Halloween (or in movies) when people dress up they often become that character? Yeah, exactly. So use your imagination.

Dirty Talk

Have you ever heard the expression, “Everyone loves a compliment”? Well, that applies ten-fold in the bedroom. It isn't just for porn. Guys love dirty talk; it’s a fact. Heck, if you two are already naked and thrusting you might as well explain how you feel vocally rather than moaning and breathing heavily (though you should do that as well). Tell them what you want, what you love about what they’re doing… it can’t hurt! Unless you want it to hurt but that's a different article.


Is it naughty? Yes, it is! And sometimes that naughtiness is a good thing in order to keep a relationship exciting. That tiny glance you give your lady or lad just before you have people coming over your place? Who knows, that little look at the dinner table out with friends might just be enough to send you both into a sexual vortex of desires and yens. The bathroom stall, the car or anywhere the two of you can come together for just a quick minute is perfect. We’re willing to bet that it’ll be better and hotter than ALMOST any other time in the bedroom. Beds can get boring, so try out a new platform, especially for a quickie.


Who doesn’t love being teased? Dirty talking through texts is great but a visual? We all know guys are visual beings. Just send a picture or two explaining that this (don't make us explain what 'this' is) is waiting when they get home or the next time the two of you are together. It’ll keep things interesting, exciting and tremendously hot.


Porn need not be watched alone. Nearly every guy wishes that his girlfriend and/or spouse also watched porn (on occasion).  Porn can give couples the opportunity to be visual turned on and even possibly reenact the positions and scenarios. Allow yourselves to be each other’s personal porn stars. Just don't try EVERYTHING at home. You've been warned.

Bring On The Raunchy

Romantic sex is great and all, but there are times you just want to be bad.  Perhaps even a little dirty. We all have this side, it just needs a little push. Biting, spanking, hair pulling, tugging, restraints—do whatever you want within the limits agreed upon by your partner.


There are countless toys and gadgets that can help increase sexual pleasure -- things that vibrate, things that wrap around a certain member, things that can be inserted—take your pick. There are even position enhancers. You won't know what you or your partner likes until you take them for a ride. The toys, not your partner.

Sex Swing

If your plan is to have sex with this one person for the rest of your life then you MUST spice things up, and the sex swing is just good old fashion fun. Guys on top, girls on top, it doesn’t matter because the sex swing allows so many different positions and methods. While they might be a little bit pricy (and might damage some drywall) we think that the reward is definitely worth the dollars.

Public Sex

This is undoubtedly a tricky one, but it can be so good! Do it on the porch. Do it in the car. Do it at the drive-thru at Arby's. Do it in the pool. Get frisky! The risk of being caught is the thing that makes it so enticing. And while the initial idea of being seen might be enough to drive you completely off of the idea we trust that once you’ve been intrigued you’ll see why we’re saying that public sex could be the hottest of your life. Just don't get caught.

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