It may have taken AC/DC a bit longer than most bands to take the digital plunge and get their music up on iTunes, but since then, the band has been making up for lost time. Yesterday (Dec. 19) the band announced that they have uploaded six concert videos to the online retailing giant.

Four of the videos -- the recently released 'Live at River Plate,' 'Live at Donington,' Live at the Circus Krone' and 'No Bull (The Director's Cut)' are concert films. The other two, 'Plug Me In' and 'Family Jewels' are compilations of videos, television performances and other clips, some of which date back to the earliest days of the band.

Prices for the concert films are $12.99 for standard definition and $15.99 for high definition, while the video compilations, both of which have a run time of approximately four hours, cost $21.99. All six titles can also be rented for $2.99 (standard) or $3.99 (HD).

AC/DC were longtime holdouts to the idea of selling their catalogue digitally, but they finally gave in last month. Unsurprisingly, it soon proved to be a windfall for the band, selling more than 696,000 single tracks and 48,000 albums in its first week.

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