For such a simple food, the advances in pizza never seem to end.

The latest innovation? Pizza Hut has introduced the world's first playable DJ pizza box:

Created by printed electronics expert Novalia, the battery-powered box connects to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with DJ software like Serato DJ. As Rinse FM's DJ Vectra demonstrates in the video embedded below, you can scratch, rewind, control pitch and crossfade."

The boxes are rarer than the sight of Papa John's being eaten during a company conference call: only five will be given away, all in Britain.

This is merely the latest shot fired in the "anything you can do, I can do better" game that exists in the pizza industry. Earlier this month, we learned about the Pizza ATM making its way to the States, which came after the beer-infused pizza crust, which surfaced right around the same time as the pizza box pizza, which got some pub after Pizza Hut's own Triple Treat Box.

Bottom line: you may not make it over to Britain for the DJ pizza box, but that's okay because something else is bound to come about quicker than you can say "large pepperoni."

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