Wine is generally viewed as a beverage for guys over the age of fifty who enjoy vacations in Napa or guys too wussy to drink beer.

Adam Corolla wants to change the stigma associated with men and wine with some red wines called Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer isn't wine you sip or swirl. THIS IS WINE YOU SLAM!

Despite sounding like the alcoholic version of Powerthirst, Sledgehammer can't quite avoid using wine language like "rich, full-bodied structure" and "dark, complex fruit." Which makes us wonder how dedicated they really are to this whole "manly wines" thing.

If you're concerned about drinking wine and seeming like an uneducated lout, even with Sledgehammer behind you, don't worry: just make some crap up. Science has proven 99% of people claiming to taste different notes are so full of it that you can trick them with food coloring. So that guy talking like he knows anything is just lying to impress your girlfriend. Ask him if he tastes the chocolate notes in that red or just break a bottle over his head. Hold it kind of like a sledgehammer.

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