still uses an archaic Samsung flip phone. He was outed by backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck last night on Twitter:

Luck explained the old phone:

"I had a history growing up of sort of breaking them or losing them, so in my mind it was logical not to get a nice phone because I'd break it or spill water on it. If you really want to go deep, I think subconsciously it's a way of getting away from the internet, social media and e-mail."

Dude went to Stanford, and he's all but using a tin can with a string! Luck has a point about social media (and when you make $22.1 million you don't have to worry about some pseudo-genius thinking you're not internet-savvy enough to hire you to write SEO-laden copy for $10 an hour), but he may want to rethink his phone choice. You know RG III is rolling with a touchscreen.

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