A 7-year-old in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania received a trophy and $1,000 as one of two national winners of the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship.

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she writes by wedging a pencil between her arms, the same way she feeds herself and even paints her toenails. We can't even use chopsticks.

Before you begin criticizing America's youth for sexting so much that they've completely forgotten how to write with a pencil to the point that they're losing to the handicapped, you should know the award is one of two given to students with disabilities. No, ADD and ED don't count.

A lesser publication would say that the girl yelled, "Look, ma! No hands!" before an onlooker screamed, "Give her a hand!". But we're above that.

For the record, we got destroyed by a kid without fingers on every Nintendo game ever.

[Via USA Today]

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