There are plenty of people whom you'd like to see naked, right? That hot blonde at the office, the neighbor with the Hipster glasses, Betty White. Thanks to a new app, you can see anyone 'naked,' and you won't even face criminal prosecution.

Nudifier is an app that allows users to turn any image into a pixellated version of the picture with the subject appearing to be partially or totally naked. Simply select a picture. Match the skin color of the subject. Paint over the part of the subject you'd like to appear 'naked,' and then the app pixellates the painted part of the image. Presto — Anne Hathaway isn't wearing any underwear!

Oh, that's a real photo. Sorry. You get the idea.

Nudifier allows users to share all the images they create across social media profiles. (Because, if you've just created a topless pic of your mom, who wouldn't want to see it?) Nudifier is available in the App Store, and it's still free for a limited time. A free way to get people 'naked?' This is certainly the best offer you've had this week.

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