You can't really blame her for being addicted to your awesomeness. It's understandable that she is unable to stop calling and texting and begging you to take her back. Neither firm requests to stop harassing you, nor blocking her number, does the trick. It's time to go nuclear and change your phone number.

Apple knows how these things go down (they've broken up with plenty of nuts in their time) and wants to be there for you when it's time to hand out your new number to the trusted few.

Engadget spotted Apple's patent for a system that lets you avoid having to send out mass messages to your contacts to fill them in on your new digits. Instead, everyone on your contacts list will get your new number updated automatically, most likely unaware that your number was even changed. Nice group of friends you've got there pal. Maybe you want to rethink exactly who gets the new digits.

This is especially good news for those who dealt with psycho ex-girlfriends while they were already dating someone else. Thank you, Apple, for taking away the need to dream up ridiculous excuses as to why we needed new numbers. We changed our number about twenty-seven times just last year.

Sadly, no one even noticed.

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