Got a date with that new chick from HR? Been trying to get your yoga instructor to grab a drink with you for weeks? Need to impress your GF’s parents when you go home with her for the first time in a few weeks? AskMen’s got your back. They’ve taken votes and compiled a list of 49 of the “top” men in the world. All you have to do is act like those guys.

It’s easy to be an influential man. We’re not talking Dos Equis Guy or Chuck Norris influential, but full on, change the world, your name becomes a verb -- influential. If the 49 guys in AskMen’s new Top Men list can do it, so can you. Just read up and do whatever they did.

They collected votes from more than 500,000 readers, as well as their own staff, to compile the list of 2012’s most influential men. These are men who are “breaking records, reinventing the way we do things and redefining what it means to be a modern man.” They improve the future for all mankind and inspire the rest of us to get off our duffs and try some of that future improving stuff too. Some of them are also extremely handsome, but there’s not much you can do about that.

The list includes ground-breakers like the Instagram guys, Jonah Peretti and Tony Horton. There are talented men who exude confidence and conviction like Tim Tebow, Neil Patrick Harris and Alec Baldwin. Maybe you ruffle feathers like Howard Stern, Riad Al-Assad and Kanye West. You might even identify with benefactors like Jay-Z, Prince William and Bill Clinton. All of these men made their marks on the year 2012.

Who topped the list? You’ll have to take a look and find out.

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