Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, we found some awesome cocktail recipes that will get you guys super wasted.  That's right, we're talking about Avengers themed cocktails. The More I Arty thought up these wonderful recipes, and even gave them some playful animations.  That way, you can ensure that your drink will look absolutely perfect. Affectionately named Iron Man, Captain America, and our personal favorite--The Hulk.


These drinks will get you SMASHED! Get it? Smashed? Cause it's the...nevermind.

Stock up your liquor cabinet, and mix your friends a few of these tonics this weekend.  You can even make a fun drinking game out of it.  Make your friends yell various quotes from 'The Avengers' movie before they finish their drink.  But please, we have to remind you, these drinks won't give you super powers.  So don't run around trying to find Loki after you've had five or six God of Thunders.

He'll kick your a** worse than these cocktails will.