What's tougher -- being a big brother or a little brother?

That's a question this disgusting video will inevitably bring up. That's because the little brother in this clip vomits after his big brother lifts him up and down. The big brother, though, named Logan, gets the vomit all over him.

So, it's a tough call, right? It's hard to be a little brother because you get manhandled and are at the mercy of everyone else. It's difficult to be a big brother because the little brother can do whatever he wants and you just have to accept it.

You just know Logan tattled on his little brother to their mother, who was probably all, "Well, he's a baby and he can't control himself," which makes the whole thing even more frustrating for poor Logan, who, hopefully, took a shower before he went to his mom.

We get the feeling this is one of those pivotal moments in which the relationship between these siblings will be forever changed. Vomit has a way of doing that, you know.