Well, here's something Google can't help you do.

A man arrested for robbing a bank in Largo, Fla. last week told police had looked up "how to rob a bank" on Google before going through with the dangerous act.

To be fair, William Joe Johnson knocked off an Achieva Credit Union, which is different than a bank, but the gist is exactly the same.

Johnson, 26, made off with an unspecified amount of money during the holdup, but police eventually tracked him down. While questioning him, he admitted he needed cash (duh!) and said he looked up "how to rob a bank" on Google. He used the cash he swiped to pay rent and bills, as well as buy drugs.

And now for the obvious: maybe he ought to Google "how to hire the right lawyer" or "how to escape from prison." Or maybe he ought to consider using Bing.

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