The art of picking up a woman in a bar goes back to the first watering hole that ever opened back in caveman times. We're guessing it was a happening hotspot called The Cave or The Laughing Dinosaur or Hunters and Gatherers or something kitschy like that.

Since that time, men have been using the art of language to try and woo their way into women's pants. And if there's one breed of human who knows better than any other what works and what doesn't it's that night owl called bar-us tender-um, or, more commonly referred to as bartender.

The bartender has an up-close look at the most wretched lines that have come out of men's mouths and now they're letting us know some of them. We won't spoil them for you, but we will say the one about anal sex is particularly awful. Who in their right mind would ever think that'd work?

Perhaps most alarming is that pickup lines may soon become as archaic as the phone book. That's because the bartenders say dating via Tinder has eliminated a lot of the traditional flirting in a bar that every red-blooded American has come to know.

Gosh, is nothing scared. What's next -- not breaking up via text anymore?