While it may have had its release date pushed back, Batman: Arkham Knight has stolen the show at E3 2014 with its new, Batmobile-filled trailer.

We were a little bit skeptical as to how the Batmobile would play in Batman: Arkham Knight, and we're glad to see that Rocksteady Games has completely delivered in terms of how well it plays. This E3 trailer starts off with Bruce Wayne putting on his newest, mechanized costume in what is presumably a high-rise in Gotham that the billionaire playboy owns. After changing, metal shutters around the room started rising, revealing the room's windows and indicating a high level of security as Bruce changed into his iconic suit.

Once Batman jumped from his penthouse balcony, we realized just how significantly bigger Gotham is compared to Arkham City. Based on the travelling Batman did throughout the trailer, this felt like a border-free version of Gotham we have never seen before. The amount of detail throughout the city was incredible. And things only got more amazing when Batman stepped into the behemoth Batmobile and started tearing up the streets.

Batman: Arkham Knight originally had a scheduled release date of Oct. 14. Unfortunately, Rocksteady has decided to push Batman's next-gen debut back to sometime in 2015. While this is is rather disheartening, we will be keeping our eyes to the skies, waiting for the Bat-Signal to announce when Arkham Knight will come out for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The PS4 version of the game will have exclusive access to the Scarecrow Nightmare Mission. Pre-ordering Arkham Knight now, regardless of console, will let you play as the Joker's former squeeze, Harley Quinn.

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