Video Games

Five Dirtiest Video Games
For the most part, video games could be considered rather wholesome entertainment. Then there are the shining few that are so vulgar, so raunchy, so dirrty, you're afraid to let people know you've played them.
Best Secret Bosses of Gaming
Make sure you've bought 99 phoenix downs, have your sub-tanks filled, learned that ultima spell, and found Wirt's leg, because we're taking on the 10 Best Secret Bosses of Gaming.
Best RPGs Ever
For this list, we are only considering the classic Japanese RPG and American RPG games that defined the formula as we know it today, and even then there are more than enough good RPGs out there to make your head spin. That being said, these are the 10 Best RPGs Ever.
10 Creepiest Moments in Video Games
The faint of heart should calm their nerves, and the faint of bladder should throw on some Depends, because we've collected the 10 Creepiest Moments in Video Games. Make sure you check out this list with at least one eye open.

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