Are there really 11 obscure Mega Man Facts you've never heard about? Read along and see how well you really know the blue bomber.

  • 1

    In Mega Man 2, Metal Man is weak to his own weapon.

  • 2

    Rockman and Forte, otherwise known as Mega Man and Bass, was released for the SNES and the Wonderswan before it came to the Gameboy Advance.

  • 3

    Mega Man X5’s boss names are all references to Guns n’ Roses. This was done by a translator and was not actually part of Capcom of America’s design plan. In the Japanese version, bosses have more traditionally formatted names.

  • 4

    Mega Man is blue because the NES color palette had slightly more blues available to use than any other color. This allowed Capcom to make his sprite more detailed than they otherwise would have been able to.

  • 5

    Mega Man originally started as a concept for a game based on the Astro Boy anime/manga series, however early on Capcom lost the license and decided to make an original game instead.

  • 6

    Mega Man X once went under the title Super Mega Man during development. It was also meant to have a save function, as opposed to the password function it eventually had.

  • 7

    Zero was originally supposed to be the main character of Mega Man X. This was changed when Capcom thought Zero’s radically different character design might upset Mega Man fans.

  • 8

    When the PSP came out, Capcom was originally going to work on Mega Man X9, but after the lukewarm reception of previous X series installments, they decided to make Mega Man Maverick Hunter X instead.

  • 9

    Though Rockman, Mega Man’s Japanese name, is a clear reference to music (along with Blues, Roll, Bass/Forte, and many other musically inspired names), it’s also a reference to “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Capcom likened the way that Wily’s robots were weak to each other’s weapons to the game.

  • 10

    Magma Dragoon’s move set from Mega Man X4 is entirely based on Street Fighter’s “shoto” characters. Mega Man was also able to get the Hadoken in X1, and the Shoryuken in X2. Zero was also able to use “shoto” style moves in X8.

  • 11

    Mega Man X5 was supposed to be Zero’s last appearance in a Mega Man game. However, he was so loved by fans he was brought back in later installments with his fighting style changed. At this point, he had already died 3 times before.

  • Bonus

    Mega Man Meets Metal

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