We've been in a bit of a cosplaying mood, so it seems appropriate to bring you these sexy GIFs starring some amazing video game and anime cosplayers. You can't have hot cosplays without one of the hottest of them all, Jessica Nigri, who is dressing up as the protagonist from Lollipop Chainsaw. The most shocking cosplay we have seen is this first picture of a vixen dressed as Dr. Chakwas from the Mass Effect trilogy. That one is weird because the character is meant to be an old lady.

We also have a sexy Arthas (more like Arth-asssss), from World of Warcraft. Just check out the cheeks on that Cammy from Street Fighter. Make sure you keep an eye out for Ryuko Matoi in her Kamui from Kill La Kill as we bring to you the most bodacious anime and video game cosplays we could find in GIF form.