Though the popularity of BASEketball never really took off after the movie's release, some vertical-minded entrepreneurs believe one of the greatest drinking games to ever come down the pike should get an infusion of basketball.


Basketpong is an idea born from growing "tired of dragging tables around ... coupled with continued passion for tailgating" and to "give your back a rest." If your back hurts from playing beer pong, either A) you're Amare Stoudemire or B) you just pulled landscaping duty courtesy of Ben Stiller wearing a mustache. We think the more practical benefits to this accessory are you can play in a windy environment and you have less arguments about arrangements.

The free standing BasketPong is similar to a basketball goal but instead of one net, you have 8 rims for solo cups. It's also adjustable so you can test your skills against All-Star ballers or keep it casual with first timers. We've witnessed too many a marathon beer pong game waiting for someone to hit that final cup so we're all for the addition of a backboard, just as long as you don't have to call "glass" first.

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