Unless you're talking about Saturday Night Live's spoof commercial for AM Ale, one doesn't normally associate downing a tall, frosty brew with breakfast. Yet, Rogue Ale has gone all flip mode on everyone with their new Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple offering that will make mornings a little merrier.

The ambitious brown ale is based upon the doughtnut of the same name and contains 13 ingredients, which include Applewood-smoked bacon and pure maple flavoring. Rogue asserts the crazy artisan concoction is best paired with doughnuts & pork.

Imbibers who want to get a head-start on their hangovers (or hangover cure) can pick up the 750ml pink bottles at 8 different locations spread throughout Oregon, Washington, and California or via mail order at the company's online store.

Many thanks to Laughing Squid for the find on Portlandia's Facebook. That show just keeps getting better and better. Don't know that we can say the same after the third or fourth glass of Bacon Maple ale.

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