Once in a while it’s nice to take a break from murdering hundreds of thousands of people in first person shooters and use your brain a bit in an adventure game.

Point and click adventure games have long given us the chance to enjoy a well-told story, and it’s generally the only genre that has genuinely laugh-out-loud humor.

Here are 10 of the greatest adventure games ever made.

10. The Walking Dead

While Telltale Games’ latest has only released two of its planned five episodes, it’s safe to say that we’ve got something special here. In adapting the horror comic to a game they decided to focus on the characters, sticking them in incredibly intense situations. By putting a timer on your actions you’re constantly forced to second-guess your decisions, especially since your friends live or die (completely changing up future games!) depending on what you do. The first two entries are brilliant, unlike anything else out there.

9. Blade Runner


Billed as the first real time 3D adventure game, Blade Runner boasted stunning voxel-based graphics and a game world that wouldn’t wait for you to figure things out. Taking you back into Ridley Scott's dystopian future in glorious fashion, you control a rookie Blade Runner who's trying to track down a group of replicants - biorobotic beings - who’ve killed a number of animals. You'll investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and even get into shootouts. Along the way you have the choice of "retiring" all of the replicants and thirteen possible endings await you depending on your actions (or inactions), giving the game an incredible amount of replay value.

8. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Jane Jensen's stunning horror adventure showed the world how the genre could immerse you in a story like no other. You control the titular character, a struggling New Orleanian novelist who's collecting research for a book about voodoo, and finds out that he's got a bit of a family connection to the religion. Voice acting by Mark Hammil, Tim Curry, Leah Remini and Michael Dorn only adds to the quality of this game.

7. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


After LucasArts' commercial and critical success with the game adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a sequel was planned soon after. Since there were no more films to adapt they decided to make an original story and somehow managed to create one can stand up next to any of the three original Indy films. (That fourth installment doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned here. Or anywhere.) Three different games modes allow you to play through the game in completely different ways, one which teams you up with a partner, one that's focused on hard puzzles and the other that's all about the action sequences and fist fights. Worthy of the title and one of the best examples of the genre.

6. Day of the Tentacle

The sequel to Maniac Mansion is even sillier and more fun. You’ll control a trio of friends who try to stop an evil, talking purple tentacle (named Purple Tentacle) from taking over the world. Your three characters end up in the mansion in three different times, meaning that your actions with one character will affect the other, leading to some really inventive puzzles. Putting a hamster in the microwave never felt better.

5. Heavy Rain

While point and click adventure games have mostly stuck with the same format since their inception, Quantic Dream has been doing its best to update them for new generations. Their latest and greatest sticks you in a dark and disturbing story that sees four characters hunting down the so-called Origami Killer, a madman who’s been murdering people around town. Quick Time Events abound, although failing one won’t end your game, instead putting you on a new track towards one of 20 possible endings. A deep, surprisingly emotional experience.

4. The Secret of Monkey Island

Guybrush Threepwood is arguably the greatest protagonist of all time. The mighty pirate is wittier than anyone, he has a manly ponytail, and he can insult sword fight with the best of them. His first adventure sees him facing the ghost pirate LeChuck and being introduced to the love of his life Elaine. It's still the best of the great series, and easily one of the funniest games ever made. The recent special edition of the game offers improved visuals and sound, and demands a place in your library right next to your three-headed monkey.

3. The Longest Journey

Norwegian developer Funcom came out of nowhere with this amazing adventure game. How did they manage to construct such a compelling story? No one knows. The plot, which revolves around an 18-year-old art student who can shift between two different worlds and is the only woman who can save them from destruction, is deceptively simple. The game actually offers up a mature and lengthy story that you’ll gladly immerse yourself in. A truly beautiful game in every sense of the word.

2. Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

Challenging puzzles that make sense! It seems easy, but so many adventure games stumble when it comes to this. Not the Broken Sword series. George Stobbart returns from the first game and meets up with his girlfriend after being away from her for six months only to see her being kidnapped by a giant Mayan. You'll head from Paris to Central America to find her, laughing at George's constant one-liners along the way. The recent remastered edition features new artwork and many gameplay improvements, and is available on everything from your computer to your phone.

1. Grim Fandango

Tim Schafer’s magnum opus was sadly overlooked at release, which didn’t stop it from becoming highly regarded among those who got their hands on it. A Mexican Day of the Dead-inspired noir tale would be remarkable for its unique subject matter alone, but the story of a man’s quest for redemption in the afterlife makes for a powerful, memorable experience. Perhaps it's ironic that the only game on this list that features walking, talking skeletons would have the most heart, but the lovable characters and genuinely funny gameplay make for one of the best gaming experiences you'll ever have. Sadly, while most of the older games on this list have been remade and re-released this classic is still yearning for an update.

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