The 10 Best NES Intros show that when you finally got that cartridge to load, you knew what time it was. The 8-bit era of Nintendo was a time when gaming was starting to shift from being the novelty of the '70s to the front line of entertainment in the '80s. Before we knew it, the Nintendo Entertainment System was starting to take up spots next to families' VCRs nationwide. The NES held the title of #1 gaming system in the world until both the Sega Genesis and SNES dethroned it in the early '90s, resulting in the NES' formal discontinuation in 1995. But with almost a decade of quality gaming behind it, the NES left its mark. Back then, the introductory sequences of NES titles were used by retailers to reel us in as customers. As a result, much of the NES library cut straight to the point in regards to its intros. Be ready for gameplay demos with missing audio and atrociously spelled plot summaries, because today we present the 10 Best NES Intros.

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    Double Dragon

    Technos Japan

    The 10 Best NES Intros start off brutal with Marion getting socked in the stomach.

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    Despite how cartoon-like it was, the Battletoads' intro reflected many of the graphical advances that occurred in the NES' lifetime.

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    From its amazing title screen music to its scenes of Strider Hiryu running, the introduction to Strider was quite impressive.

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    Data East USA

    Robocop's intro music matched the gritty, but techno-y, tone of its classic source material. And its breakdown of Murphy's specs left the fans giddy over how awesome cyborgs really are.

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    The Legend of Zelda


    The title screen says it all: you're in for an adventure, some girl split a triangle into eight pieces, and you better collect all those glowing icons along the way (this was of course, before we were familiar with the traditional Zelda plot).

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    Super Mario Bros. 3


    The silence of Super Mario 3's chaotic intro helped segue into the amazing realization of how different it was from the first two titles. Once you hit start and reached the first world map, you're in for a treat, which is why it's on our list of the 10 Best NES Intros.

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    The badass riff that started it all. Unless you knew the code, you'd be seeing that screen again in just a few minutes.

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Ultra Games

    The first turtles game may have made no sense and had thousands of cheap deaths throughout it, but its intro left us wide-eyed at how it captured the essence of our favorite heroes in a half shell.

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    Ninja Gaiden


    Words cannot express how awesome the original Ninja Gaiden's intro is. There's a murder plot, there's action, and there's ninjas fighting to the death.

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    Mega Man 2


    What can we say? Mega Man 2 is at the top of our 10 Best NES Intros list because of the rise. What do we mean by the rise? Easy. The camera's rise to the top of the tower, the melody's slow rise into the greatest 8-bit soundtrack of all time, and the rising excitement we felt when we saw Mega Man's helmet up and teleport away as we hit start.

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