Beyoncé, perhaps you've heard of her, has been dubbed "World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People Magazine.

According to an interview with the mag, Beyoncé is back to her pre-pregnancy weight and feeling great. Shazam! In fact, Beyoncé says that giving birth to her baby, Blue Ivy, has made her feel more beautiful than ever. Beyoncé also allegedly croons one-of-a-kind tunes to her daughter and "loves" changing diapers. That's possibly a huge load of crap, both figuratively and literally.

We'd love to hear these one-of-kind tunes, and probably will, considering her husband loves releasing titles about the little kid. Possible song titles include 'Beautiful Crier', 'Check on it-The Kid is Crying Again', 'If I Were a Boy -- This Baby Would Be a Medical Miracle' and 'Single Ladies -- You're So Damn Lucky.'

[Via People]

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