There's enough food here to feed a small army. And a big one.

Fat Sal's Deli, in Los Angeles, is now serving a sandwich delightfully called the Big Fat Fatty. As you may have guessed by the moniker, it's not exactly stocked with cottage cheese and sprouts. No, it's got more meat on it than most farms. Here's a look at what it's made of:

  • many eggs -- there's no specific number, just "many"
  • 5 cheeseburgers
  • a complete cheese steak
  • pound-and-a-half of pastrami
  • 10 chicken fingers
  • order of mozzarella sticks
  • bacon
  • onion rings
  • chili
  • marinara sauce
  • french fries to cover the entire sandwich
  • garlic aioli sauce
  • 27-inch garlic buttered bread

The Big Fat Fatty costs $50, although it's free if you somehow defy the laws of your digestive tract and eat it all in 40 minutes. Sure, your entire left side will have gone numb and you will need to be carried to the bathroom, but you can say you finished it and save money in the long run because the odds will be heavily against you needing to eat again for at least a month.