The minds behind the web series Super Power Beat Down know their audience. Geeks love their comics, fast cars, lively debate and, oh yeah, chicks in bikinis. So why not give them a chick in a bikini washing a fast comic book car after a lively debate.

"Because you fans demanded it!" reads the video description to an extended version of a bit that concluded the first episode of Super Power Beat Down.  The original webisode pinned the Batmobile from the 1966 film (featuring the stars from the '60s television series) against the version of the car used in the 1989 film directed by Tim Burton.  Hot, young host Marisha Ray moderated the debate between two comics experts Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl and sided with the '89. Beurer wagered he would win in the '66 and if he did, she would have to wash the machine down in a bikini. He (and we) won.

SPDB, the monthly series, has previously pitted Star Wars bad-ass Darth Vader vs. Lord of the Rings legend Gandalf.  For Episode 3, the site polls visitors on who would win in a battle between the Dark Knight himself, Batman, and X-Men mutant member Wolverine.

Without further blah-blah, here's Marisha soaking down the old school Batmobile and herself in the process:

Is our Batpole showing?

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