Shacking up with some dude she probably didn't know may have been this woman's SECOND-worst decision of the weekend.

This poor, half-dressed, barefoot lady in West Virginia was caught on camera tiptoeing through the streets, presumably after a night of passion with a gentleman caller she doesn't know much better than she does the hawk who took this video.

Yes, it's a walk of shame in a blizzard. Taking a chilly stroll without all your clothes was dumb decision one, trailed closely by hooking up with Mr. I Don't Even Know His Name.

If you look closely, you can see the woman has no pants and has nothing on her feet, the perfect attire for your run-of-the-mill walk of shame, but hardly so for a once-every-decade-type snow storm.

Even if it was a walk of shame, you'd think she would've had some clothing from the night before. Sure, she and her paramour may have tossed her clothes off, but did they toss them out the window, rendering it impossible for her to get fully dressed the next day? There's gotta be a story there, but, sadly, we have a hunch we will never get to hear it.