We're going to be honest: we haven't watched anything arm wrestling-related since our DVR was totally empty and we caught a late night Spike TV rebroadcast of the Sylvester Stallone mistake 'Over the Top.' But it might be worth giving it a second look, thanks to this madwoman.

The video is titled 'Bad Breath A Competitive Advantage In Arm Wrestling,' but, like misleading click bait on the Internet, that doesn't really tell the true story.

No, the story is the faces and noises Female Hulk here makes, particularly at the end of the clip when she defeats her opponent. It's like she injected herself with a drug that enables her to scream in a way that makes Monica Seles' legendary grunting seem like library whispering and make faces you usually can only put on after taking one too many speedballs.

She's more terrifying than the thought of watching 'Over the Top' again, more terrifying than challenging her without a six-month diet of steroids and HGH and more terrifying than the thought of Bill Cosby as 'The Bachelor,' but, you know what? None of that will stop us from watching it again.