Boozehounds and dope fiends may experience some difficulty “getting it up” in the bedroom, even years after kicking the habit, says a new study.

Researchers from the University of Granada, Spain and Santo Thomas University in Columbia say there is new evidence that suggests that men struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs may not only be faced with performance issues in the bedroom while they are “using,” but the limp-effects could span for a duration of years past the last hangover.

In a study of nearly 1,000 men, with more than half previously dependent on either alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or speedball, and nearly 400 of them living clean and sober lives, researchers found that drug users displayed moderate to significant impaired sexual performance – even though it had been some time since they last hit the bottle or the spoon.

Yikes! Drinkers beware: researchers say that while a little booze might be able to keep some of us less experienced fornicators from being labeled a three-stroke Charlie, it was also found to be the leading cause of erectile dysfunction. That means if you boys want to continue firmly humping everything that moves, you might want to slow down on the whiskey shots with the tequila chaser.

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