Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Whether she dreams of it looking like this is another matter altogether.

In this video (with some NSFW music blaring), a bride celebrates getting her M-R-S by twerking on what appears to be a stripper pole while guests throw what appears to be money at her.

It certainly looks like this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful life together with her husband, right? He reeled in a little basket of sunshine and purity, for sure.

You think it's awkward when someone asks you to watch her wedding video? Imagine the porterhouse-thick tension that will develop when this woman pops this video on.

We can't help but wonder what the thank-you notes will say. You have to thank everyone for the gifts, but it must've been next to impossible to track who threw what bills her way. That's too bad because when she's sending her note to Uncle Frank to thank him for the gravy boat, she needs to know if he tossed five singles or one 10 at her. Making a mistake will be hugely embarrassing, which, if you're twerking at your own wedding is something you clearly don't to be. No, not at all.

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