The phrase "sprung a leak" comes to mind when watching this.

Yes, this urinal seems to be malfunctioning. No, scratch that -- malfunctioning would be if the automatic sensor didn't run the water when a person finishes doing his business. This is beyond a malfunction. This is a problem that may result in the kind of flood where Aquaman is summoned to swim in and fix it, assuming he can fix plumbing. Does anyone know if he can? Has that ever been addressed?

Whoever did have to go in to fix this should look at the bright side. At least it was a urinal that broke and not a toilet in a stall after someone went number two. When that happens, you have the green light to say, "I quit. You can't pay me enough to fix this."

Somewhere, people in some drought-stricken area are cursing all this wasted H2O. And we can't even send Aquaman there to broker peace.