It's Brooke Hogan's birthday is on May 5th, and we think that the Hulkster might hurt us if we don't declare her a Crush of the Day.

The Hogan family has mostly receded from the spotlight in the last few years after the public relations nightmares of young Nick's car crash and Hulk's nightmarish divorce. So let's take some time to recognize that young Brooke has transformed into a lovely young lady. Did you know that she graduated from high school at the age of sixteen? Let's see you do that.

This year has been a pretty crazy year for Brooke, starring in the hilariously bad sci-fi movie '2-Headed Shark Attack' along with Carmen Electra as well as preparing her third album with producer Benji Harris. She's also done voice work for 'China, IL' on Adult Swim, which is an awesome show. We think it's about time for the loveliest Hogan to get a little redemption in our loving arms.