The first official look at Bungie's new video game franchise will be unveiled on Feb. 17th.

According to the Destiny Facebook page, Bungie will give the world the first glimpse at the highly anticipated new sci-fi franchise on Sunday. There has been little concrete information about just what Destiny is and how it will play, but we do know a few facts about the new series already.

Destiny will debut on the Xbox exclusively for one year, with a new entry expected every two years. It's expected the series will transition to next generation consoles as well. The game will go multiplatform eventually, though like Call of Duty, the planned downloadable content (yes, they are already planning DLC), will also be a timed exclusive on Microsoft's console. The deal between Activision and Bungie will last for several games, so like Halo, Destiny will be Bungie's primary focus for pretty much the next decade.

Are you excited for your first look at Destiny?