Talk about a pane in the butt.

Police in Britain arrested a burglar who became trapped in a second-story bathroom window while he tried to break into a house back in December.

The woman who lives in the home happened to walk in on Sean Crawshaw, 47, and called police, who arrived on the scene, as did firefighters, who, after about 20 minutes, managed to free him.

Crawshaw has since been sentenced to two years in the slammer and will be wise to leave the part about getting stuck in a window when he explains to his fellow inmates why he 's doing time unless he's cool with being the butt of jokes.

While the homeowner was reportedly "shaken up" about the matter, one police official managed to have a laugh about it all, saying, "It was nice of him to hang around."

Moral of the story: when sneaking in through a window, make sure you're svelte. Or at least grease up. Which is probably also good advice for dealing with amorous prisoners who take a shine to him.

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