Calvin Johnson had a monster season for the Detroit Lions. Forget monster, it was a record-breaking display. Johnson broke something else this season, besides the NFL receiving record -- he broke multiple fingers and still played

Johnson played with at least two broken fingers which weren't listed on the Lions injury report. He's still wearing bandages for the injuries. Megatron's injuries which were reported by the team included knee and ankle injuries and at one point in the season Johnson claimed he suffered a concussion and nerve damage. He backpedaled on those statements after questions started percolating about why Johnson still played after head trauma.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz was asked about the broken digits at the NFL combine. He remarked:

“I am not going to comment on any of our players’ health,” he said. “But that’s not uncommon for a wide receiver. . . . We don’t have any injury reports this time of year. And you know how I am about injuries.”

Sure, receivers play with busted fingers, but they don't usually break NFL records. That kind of effort might get Johnson onto the cover of the team calendar. Kidding. It won't.

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