If you want to avoid the itch, the drip and the burn that can come from a wild night of frivolous, no-latex sex, you might want to consider bumping phones before you bump uglies. That’s because now there is a new smartphone app that lets you share your STD status with potential partners to help prevent you from screwing yourself all the way to the sick pecker clinic.

"If you happen to be out at a bar or a fraternity house or wherever, and you meet someone, you can then bump phones and exchange contact information and STD status," said Dr. Michael Nusbaum, the creator of MedXSafe.

This new sexually active technology allows people to have their physicians detail their STD-negative status on the app so that they can freely share it with all the people they want to bone. People can also share their STD-positive status, but nothing says you’re going home alone tonight quite like a confirmed case of herpes or gonorrhea.

Dr. Nasbaum says the app was created to encourage people to get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases, as there are 19 million new STDs reported each year in people under the age of 25.

If you try the app, and the person ends up having some type of STD, we recommend wiping down the phone as well.

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