Candace Bailey is an actress and TV host known for her roles on Nickelodeon, the TV series 'Jericho,' and as a co-host of G4's 'Attack of the Show!' She is our crush today for doing just about anything in the name of entertaining television.

In just under a year as host on AOTS, Candace has dressed up like an old Russian lady, a dominatrix, shot cool weapons, shook her massive (but prosthetic) booty, ate disgusting food and has done it all with an adorable smile on her face. We love women that don't overthink things and that don't get embarrassed easily. It probably doesn't hurt that Candace gets paid to do this stuff, but still, we're pretty sure she'd be cool with attempting just about any stunt the show asked.

This is a very different attitude compared to her cohost Kevin Pereira. He seems like such a prude. Dude, get in a bikini for one of these skits. The fans demand it!

Yikes! Nevermind.


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