Product placement and sponsorship can be a precarious situation. Companies who spend millions of dollars on a branding campaign can wind up coming across as too pushy or stiff to relate to consumers. Sometimes, however, a corporate branding campaign loosens its grip and the result is a memorable ad from a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously.

If we have to explain the ad to you, you probably shouldn't be using the internet without supervision. Mickle followed the story, asking Charmin's ad agency Publicis' Kaplan Thaler about the giant underwear and the campaign's message. Their response:

“We think about poop and toilet paper all day, every day. And we love it.”

And, how is your personal level of job satisfaction these days? Right. Point is, living the dream means different things to different people. The takeaway here is that most everyone at Charlotte who saw the Charmin 'Stop Skidmarks' billboard will relate it to the product. For that, Charmin takes the marketing checkered flag.

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