Hurricane? We ain't afraid of no stinkin' hurricane.

While Hurricane Matthew pounds the southern part of the country, not everyone has heeded the recommendation to evacuate.

Take Tyler Deleshaw. He's the gentleman in the above photo. It was taken Thursday in Daytona Beach, Fla. and he figured a hurricane is a good time to catch some waves, even if those waves carry him out into the ocean and bat him around like Jonah.

Deleshaw is hardly alone, though, in continuing life as normal as a hurricane comes to town. Maybe these daredevils are inspired by the notion that a hurricane is a drink you can get with ease in New Orleans. Maybe they're looking at this as an extended weekend where the power goes out not because of high winds and pummeling rain but because the party raged so hard. Maybe they're just plain deranged. Who really knows?

All we do know is that several people stuck around and look like they had the time of their lives in the process.