Elisabeth Shut got her start in acting while attending the all-girl Wellesley College during the early 80s, when she acted in TV commercials to make extra money. If your memory is as long as ours, you may have seen her in ads for DeBeers diamonds, Hellman's mayonnaise, or this Burger King ad, that still makes us blush because she's cute (and also because burgers are delicious):


Her first onscreen appearance came in 1984, when she played Ralph Macchio's girlfriend in 'The Karate Kid.' Shortly after, she transferred from Wellesley to Harvard to study political science, and hired an acting coach.

Some of her most memorable roles came at the tail end of the 80s: She played Chris in the 1987 'Adventures in Babysitting,'(above) and starred opposite Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail' in 1988. After a few smaller hits in the early 90s, Shue's brother sort of eclipsed her fame by landing a starring role on TV's 'Melrose Place.'

When she did show back up in the spotlight a few years later, it was with her impressive portrayal of a prostitute in the 1995 film 'Leaving Las Vegas,' which earned her an Academy Award nomination. After that, she was in four big films between 1997-2000: 'The Saint,' Woody Allen's 'Deconstructing Harry' 'Palmetto' and 'Hollow Man.'

These days, Elisabeth can be seen starring as Julie Finlay in the CBS hit 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' since February, 2012. 'Behaving Badly,' a film she is starring in with epic babe Mary Louise Parker, is slated for a 2013 release.

Through the years, Elisabeth has never lost her girl-next-door charm, and we still have a crush on her. I mean, come on:

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