Female fans of several major college teams are showing their school pride on Twitter. And, by school pride, we mean their boobs — showcased in cleavage-baring, skin-tight college shirts in self-shot pictures posted to Twitter.

The college-team boobs trend started last February, when University of Kansas student Tiffany Kent tweeted a photo of her boobs in a KU shirt, with the hashtag #kuboobs, as the Jayhawks were attempting to rally in a game against arch-rival Missouri. Kansas won, and Kent now has more than 20,000 followers at the Twitter handle @KUboobs. The Internet: where you can meet 20,000 random dudes who wouldn't recognize you from the neck up.

Not to be outdone, fans of Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska and many other schools have created their own @boobs profiles featuring pictures of coeds and fans showing off their team spirit by displaying their boobs like they were over-ripened cantaloupes stuffed into much-too-small plastic shopping bags. Examples? Of course you can see some examples; we're all better visual learners:

Talk about a 'Super Conference.' When are the BCS (Boob Championship Series) rankings due out?

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