This is what happens when mad science and rock n’ roll collide: ladies and gentlemen, throw your horns up for Compressorhead, “the world’s heaviest band,” a title that has less to do with their overall sound and more due the fact that every member of the band is 100% metal. Literally.

Compressorhead is a touring, three-piece rock band consisting of a four-armed drummer reminiscent of Mike Portney and Dave Lombardo, a 78-finger guitarist with the stage presence of Dave Murray from Iron Maiden, and a bass player known as Bones who was "influenced" by various bass legends from Robert Trujillo to Charles Mingus, according to his bio.

Unfortunately, the band does not have the staple iconic vocalist to front their metal act, since we imagine it is difficult to program a robot to chain smoke and drink large quantities of booze, though we'd imagine programming it to smash guitars would be a breeze. Robots do not go to rehab, though, they go to the recycling bin.

Perhaps the only band in the world that demands both a forklift and a “competent and sober audio operator” in its tour rider, Compressorhead is currently gearing up to play the 2013 “Big Day Out Festival” with stops in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Rumor has it that Compressorhead's groupies are required to attach ground wires to their nipples before partying with the band. When we say "rumor," we mean "thing we made up because we think it's a funny idea."

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