On 'Conan,' Conan O'Brien thought it time someone poked fun at the clothing NBA players wear during post-game interviews. Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, in particular, has gained some notoriety for bad fashion choices. Really, Russell? A shirt with a print of teddy bears?

The video starts off with real footage of several NBA players (including Westbrook, who's wearing something that looks suspiciously like a pajama top), then it segues into actors dressed as leprechauns and beekeepers among other things.

Funny thing is, given the outlandish clothes that Westbrook and others have recently worn in public, it's difficult to tell where the real footage ends and the parody begins.

After all, if Dwyane Wade can wear silly lens-less glasses and Kevin Durant can sport a nerd-chic backpack, how long before a NBA player does show up post-game dressed like Lucky from Lucky Charms?

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