MillerCoors is waxing nostalgic in its latest branding efforts, as the brewing giant has recently unleashed their limited-edition “heritage” can collection. However, this summer, the brewer plans to take their retro-stylings to the next level by offering customers a cool, post-prohibition style “stubby” bottle.

The new Coors Banquet bottle is said to feature the same design and label graphics as beer drinkers and hellraisers enjoyed back in the opium-induced jazz years of 1936 and 1940 as well as the days of the rock n’ roll death rattle in 1977. The revisited branding is being spearheaded by MillerCoors design partner Landor Associates, who is also responsible for creating consumer appeal for companies like PepsiCo, Old Spice and Volkswagen.

The Coors Banquet stubby bottle is slated for a June release, and the company hopes that by being progressive in their packaging and overall look that they will continue to rejuvenate the cult classic status of the Coors brand.

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