College kids on Spring Break are known for drinking, but all two men in Florida's Pinellas County could get was a shot of reality.

A deputy recently went full-on MMA while arresting two guys on the beach for starting fights. Mr. Policeman was all business taking down one of the men, while another decided to jump into the fray and help out his buddy. Bad idea, mister.

The men have been identified as Justin D. Lewis, 24, and Joshua McMahan, 25, both of St. Petersburg. It's unclear if they're college students or not.

Video of the encounter (with some NSFW language) was captured and shared on Facebook where it has gone viral and should certainly do absolutely no damage to these guys down the line when they go looking for a job (read that with complete sarcasm).

Being a cop patrolling Spring Break has to be one of the most thankless jobs this side of a meter maid and the deputy did use force, although you have to wonder if he did so to quickly stop an ugly situation from getting out of control with all those spring breakers in attendance.

And there were plenty of people on hand, hootin' and hollerin'. Take a good look -- that beach is filled with future accountants, teachers and insurance salesmen. Heaven help us all, right?